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The Netherlands

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LoudNoise Productions
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Tony Boden
First Contact Agency
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19.01.08 @ OJC Niks, Horst (NL)
With: Sparrow Falls (NL), The Gauntlet (NL)

24.01.08 @ Speakers, Delft (NL)
With: Aux Raus (NL), Malle Pietje And The Bimbos (NL)

02.02.08 @ OJC De Roos, Deurne (NL)
With: Otis (NL) + 1

15.02.08 @ Muziekgieterij, Maastricht (NL)
With: Backfire (NL), Length Of Time (BE), Malle Pietje And The Bimbos (NL) + more

16.02.08 @ Midsummer Winter Festival/Alte Drahtzieherei, Wipperfürth (DE)
With: TBA

21.02.08 @ StuKaFest, Amsterdam (NL)
Special note: we will play 3 sets, partly acoustic

23.02.08 @ Undergroumd, Lelystad (NL)
With: Aux Raus (NL)

22.03.08 @ Paaspop, Zieuwent (NL)
With: TBA

05.04.08 @ De Baarmoeder, Amsterdam (NL)
With: TBA



[330] 04.01.08 @ Bibelot, Dordrecht (NL)
With: A New Dawn (NL), Misty Basement (NL), Cradle (NL)

[329] 03.01.08 @ Winston, Amsterdam (NL)
With: The Roccos (NL), Adolf Butler (NL), Rene SG (NL)

[328] 14.12.07 @ 013 Bat Cave, Tilburg (NL)
W ith: Union Town (NL), Adolf Butler (NL), Anaphylactic Shock (NL)

[327] 09.12.07 @ The Tap n Tin, Chatham (UK)
With: Lakes (UK) + 1

[326] 08.12.07 @ The Cooperage, Newcastle (UK)
With: Lavotchkin (UK) + 3

[325] 06.12.07 @ The Attic, Manchester (UK)
With: Lavotchkin (UK) + 1

[324] 05.12.07 @ Bar Monsta, London (UK)
With: Lavotchkin (UK), The Plague Sermon (UK)

[323] 04.12.07 @ The Engime Room, Brighton (UK)
With: Lavotchkin (UK), The Plague Sermon (UK

[322] 01.12.07 @ 't Beest, Goes (NL)
With: Aux Raus (NL), Malle Pietje And The Bimbos (NL)

[321] 30.11.07 @ De Peppel, Zeist (NL)
With: Aux Raus (NL), Malle Pietje And The Bimbos (NL)

[320] 24.11.07 @ Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Aux Raus (NL), Malle Pietje And The Bimbos (NL)

[319] 03.11.07 @ Phoenixstraat 13, Haarlem (NL)
With: Malle Pietje And The Bimbos (NL)
Special Note: Videoclip presentation "043"

[318] 24.10.07 @ Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ (US)
With: Aids Wolf (CA), Old Time Relijun (US)

[317] 16.10.07 @ TBA/CMJ, New York, NY (US)
With: Aux Raus (NL), De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig (NL), Adept (NL), Mr. Wix (NL), C-Mon & Kipsky (NL)

[316] 13.10.07 @ Cafe Amsterdam, Reykjavik (IS)

[315] 08.10.07 @ Tivoli, Utrecht (NL)
With: Enter Shikari (UK), Lost Alone (UK)

[314] 06.10.07 @ Funtime Fest/JC De Klinker, Aarschot (BE)
With: The Setup (BE). The Maple Room (BE), We'rewolves (BE), Scarrots (BE), Second Base (BE), Campus (BE), Ladbroke (BE), Captain Compost (BE)

[313] 29.09.07 @ Cilinder Fest, Hoofddorp (NL)
With: The Tommys (UK), Arkangel (BE), Neuk! (NL), Samaritan (NL), Enemy Ground (NL), XEye Of JudgmentX (NL), Return To Reason (NL), All For Nothing (NL), Last Breath Denied (NL), Cyanide (NL), For Japan (NL), Ayla (NL)

[312] 12.09.07 @ JH Horizont, Meerhout (BE)
With: The End (CA), The Dying (BE)

[311] 09.09.07 @ Ground2 Festival, Den Haag (NL)
With: Aux Raus (NL), Harry Merry (NL), Adept (NL), Function (NL), The Happy Few (NL), 3 Day Adventure (NL)

[310] 18.08.07 @ A Campingflight To Lowlands Paradise 2007 @ Essent Tent, Biddinghuizen (NL)
Special Note: Semi-acoustic set

[309] 18.08.07 @ A Campingflight To Lowlands Paradise 2007 @ India Tent, Biddinghuizen (NL)

[308] 11.08.07 @ Loud And Proud Festival/JC Joki, Itegem (BE)
With: The Setup (BE), Larsson (BE), Sparkle Of Hope (BE), White Crime Circle Club (BE), Break And Enter (BE), The Maple Room (BE), Killing Frost (PT), Second Base (BE), Cameron (BE), Radio Kungfu (BE), The Struggle (BE), The Priceduifkes (BE), Nuns Go Riot (BE), Milk The Fish (BE)

[307] 03.08.07 @ Fredericia Hardcore Festival, Fredericia (DK)
With: Madball (US), All That Remains (US), The Ocean (DE), No Turning Back (NL), Sonic Syndicate (SE), The Assassinators (DK), Bomberegn (DK), The Ghostname (DK)

[306] 21.07.07 @ Duynerock/Paelsteenveld, Bredene (BE)
With: Blindside (SE), More Than A Thousand (UK), The Maple Room (BE), Asiam (BE), Maudlin (BE), The Agreement (BE), Rafflesia (BE), Hangin Out (BE), Ladbroke (BE), The Curse On Our Lips (BE), Take It Down (BE)

[305] 06.07.07 @ Atak, Enschede (NL)
With: San Andreas (NL), Precious Second (NL)

[304] 26.06.07 @ Waterfront, Rotterdam (NL)
With: Enter Shikari (UK), Phaedra List (NL)

[303] 15.06.07 @ OJC Jonosh, Asten-Heusden (NL)
With: New Poker Face (NL)

[302] 26.05.07 @ Dynamo, Eindhoven (NL)
With: Satura Lanx (FI), Riotbeatshot (DE), Gold Kids (IT), Blade (BE)

[301] 11.05.07 @ Area51, Eindhoven (NL)
With: Otis (NL), Anaphalactick Shock (NL)

[300] 04.05.07 @ Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht (NL)
With: Cephalic Carnage (US)

[299] 29.04.07 @ Willemeen, Arnhem (NL)
With: Dean Dirg (DE), Restless Youth (NL), Rise And Fall (BE), Hudson Falcons (US), Gewapend Beton (NL), Discharger (NL)

[298] 27.04.07 @ Het Kasteel, Alphen aan den Rijn (NL)
With: Rise A Thousand (NL), Spooner (NL)

[297] 25.04.07 @ Club 3voor12/Studio Desmet, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Malajube (CA), Shy Child (US)

[296] 21.04.07 @ Westside Unity Fest, Herzogenrath (DE)
With: Nein Nein Nein (DE), Bloodtrial (DE), Status//Hysterie (DE), Nesseria (FR), Nazi Dogs (DE), Under The Pledge Of Secrecy (DE), Dancing On Debris (DE)

[295] 20.04.07 @ Waterfront, Rotterdam (NL)
With: Harm & Z'n Bende (NL), Doktor Schnitt (NL), Solaire (NL), Buy The Grace (NL), Pornologic (NL), AC Berkheimer (NL)

[294] 13.04.07 @ De Bakkerij, Castricum (NL)
With: Straight A's (NL), Pantherland (NL), Rush 'N Attack (NL), Losing Streak (NL)

[293] 12.04.07 @ Loppen, Kobenhavn (DK)
With: NoMeansNo (CA)

[292] 10.04.07 @ Het Bargehuis, Brugge (BE)
With: Autumn Delay (BE), Black Haven (BE), Jakuzi's Attempt (AT), Jerusalem The Black (BE)

[291] 08.04.07 @ Noordschok/Oosterpoort, Groningen (NL)
With: Dark Funeral (SE), Destruction (DE), Volbeat (DK) + more

[290] 07.04.07 @ Bitterzoet, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Aux Raus And The Bimbos (NL), Adolf Butler (NL)
Special Note: Official "Kings n' Bosses" releaseshow

[289] 16.02.07 @ JH Horizont, Meerhout (BE)
With: AtillA (BE), Autumn Delay (BE), Thyrsus (BE)

[288] 08.02.07 @ ArtEZ, Arnhem (NL)

[287] 12.01.07 @ Doornroosje, Nijmegen (NL)
With: Enter Shikari (UK), San Andreas (NL)

[286] 16.12.06 @ De Gonz, Gouda (NL)
With: Aux Raus (NL), Malle Pietje And The Bimbos (NL)

[285] 18.11.06 @ RockSnock, Ham (BE)
With: Sparkle Of Hope (BE), Campus (BE), The Violet (BE) + 1

[284] 11.11.06 @ Café Zondag, Maastricht (NL)
With: Malle Pietje And The Bimbo's (NL), Aardvarck (NL)
Special Note: Release show for Malle Pietje And The Bimbos new album.

[283] 10.11.06 @ Het Lab, Delft (NL)
With: Aux Raus (NL), The Achievers (NL)

[282] 04.11.06 @ Paard, Den Haag (NL)
With: Bulldoze (US), Agents Of Man (US), Backfire (NL), l'Esprit Du Clan (FR), Devil In Me (PT), Bloodshot (BE), Facewreck (NL), Enemy Ground (NL), Return To Reason (NL)

[281] 29.10.06 @ Simplon, Groningen (NL)
With: .Omission. (NL), Instil (NL), Jetsetready (NL), The Last Mile (NL), The Architect (NL), Massive Assault (NL), A Silent Express (NL), Marat (NL), Flowers For Whores (CZ), Seizure (NL), Dead Horse Running (NL), Rush ‘N Attack (NL)

[280] 28.10.06 @ Play The Game Again! Festival/Rockhal, Esch-sur-Alzette (LU)
With: Peter Pan Speedrock (NL), Defdump (LU), Extinct (LU), Mongrel (DE), Failsafe (UK)

[279] 27.10.06 @ Vortex, Siegen (DE)
With: Parachutes (DE), Meadow Saffron (DE)

[278] 26.10.06 @ CFY, Lustenau (AT)
With: Osiris (AT)

[277] 24.10.06 @ Mocvara, Zagreb (HR)
With: With Pride (NL), Hidden Layer (HR), F.O.A.D. (HR)

[276] 22.10.06 @ The Underground Bar, Annecy (FR)
With: Saoni Ma (FR)

[275] 21.10.06 @ Squat La Girafe, Reims (FR)
With: Clarence Boddicker (FR)

[274] 02.10.06 @ Sugar Factory, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Stikka (NL), Abner Preis (NL), Spinshots (NL), Regga (NL)

[273] 30.09.06 @ Prix De Nuit/Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Matik (NL), 3-1 (NL) + more

[272] 22.09.06 @ Metropool, Hengelo (NL)
With: Textures (NL), Engine Of Doom (NL)

[271] 16.09.06 @ Kelder, Amersfoort (NL)
With: Textures (NL)

[270] 14.09.06 @ Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL)
With: Textures (NL), Escadron (NL)

[269] 26.08.06 @ Uitmarkt/Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Aux Raus (NL) + more

[268] 29.07.06 @ Texelfest/J'Elleboog, Den Burg (NL)
With: .Omission. (NL), All On Black (NL), Henceforth (NL)

[267] 28.07.06 @ JH Sorm, Deurne (BE)
With: Maudlin (BE), Sue Basso (BE)

[266] 02.07.06 @ The Powerfest/013, Tilburg (NL)
With: Ignite (US), Fearless Vampire Killers (US), Darkest Hour (US), Shelter (US), Leeway (US), Most Precious Blood (US), Cephalic Carnage (US), Evergreen Terrace (US), Raised Fist (SE), Damnation AD (US), No Turning Back (NL), Ringworm (US), With Honor (US), Johnny Truant (UK), Dead To Fall (US), Rise & Fall (BE), Rise A Thousand (NL)

[265] 01.07.06 @ Het Lab, Delft (NL)
With: Antidote (NL), Orange Sunshine (NL), The Colts (NL), Facewreck (NL), The Beertasters (NL)

[264] 16.06.06 @ IO-festival, Delft (NL)
With: Van Katoen (NL), Mark van Dale (NL), Tom de Neef (NL), Skip The Rush (NL), Try Drowning (NL) + more

[263] 14.05.06 @ CJZ Bizzi, Schijndel (NL)
With: Rise And Fall (BE), Strike First (NL)

[262] 12.05.06 @ Koergekweel, Mol (BE)
With: Amyrlin (BE), 5th Avenue (BE), Feedback (BE), The Kids (BE)

[261] 05.05.06 @ Play festival/The Zoo, Hasselt (BE)
With: The Setup (BE), Hitch (BE) + more

[260] 22.04.06 @ Witte Theater, Ijmuiden (NL)
With: Some Girls (US), Bad Acid Trip (US)

[259] 21.04.06 @ Scheld'apen, Antwerpen (BE)
With: Some Girls (US)

[258] 20.04.06 @ Engine Rooms, Brighton (UK)
With: Some Girls (US), Turn Cold (UK)

[257] 19.04.06 @ Underworld, London (UK)
With: Some Girls (US), Vains Of Jenna (SE)

[256] 17.04.06 @ The Croft, Bristol (UK)
With: Some Girls (US)

[255] 16.04.06 @ Jug Of Ale, Birmingham (UK)
With: Some Girls (US), Knives (UK)

[254] 15.04.06 @ Club Ifor Bach, Cardiff (UK)
With: Some Girls (US) + 2

[253] 14.04.06 @ Josephs Well, Leeds (UK)
With: Some Girls (US) + 1

[252] 13.04.06 @ Satans Hollow, Manchester (UK)
With: Some Girls (US), More Hate Than Fear (UK)

[251] 11.04.06 @ Pustervik, Gothenburg (SE)
With: Some Girls (US) + 1

[250] 10.04.06 @ Spasibar, Oslo (NO)
With: Some Girls (US) + 1

[249] 09.04.06 @ Skylten, Linköping (SE)
With: Some Girls (US), Affordable Hybrid (SE) + 1

[248] 08.04.06 @ Debaser, Stockholm (SE)
With: Some Girls (US)

[247] 07.04.06 @ Inkonst, Malmö (SE)
With: Some Girls (US), Sista Sekunden (SE), Meleeh (SE)

[246] 06.04.06 @ Magazinkeller, Bremen (DE)
With: Some Girls (US), Pointing Finger (PT), Presley Bastards (FI)

[245] 05.04.06 @ 013 Bat Cave, Tilburg (NL)
With: Some Girls (US), Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems (BE)

[244] 03.04.06 @ Clos Fleuri, Lyon (FR)
With: Some Girls (US), Demand A La Poussiere (FR), Erevan (FR)

[243] 02.04.06 @ Spazio 211, Torino (IT)
With: Some Girls (US)

[242] 01.04.06 @ Piment Rouge, Geneve (CH)
With: Some Girls (US)

[241] 31.03.06 @ Universum, Stuttgart (DE)
With: Some Girls (US), Nana (DE)

[240] 30.03.06 @ K4, Nürnberg (DE)
With: Some Girls (US), The Show Is The Rainbow (US)

[239] 29.03.06 @ Tüwi, Wien (AT)
With: Some Girls (US), The Show Is The Rainbow (US)

[238] 28.03.06 @ Prostor Abaton, Praha (CZ)
With: Some Girls (US), Landmine Spring (CZ), Anyway (CZ)

[237] 27.03.06 @ Magnet, Berlin (DE)
With: Some Girls (US), Cameran (AT)

[236] 26.03.06 @ Underground, Köln (DE)
With: Some Girls (US), Tephra (DE)

[235] 25.03.06 @ Garage, Saarbrucken (DE)
With: Some Girls (US), Tephra (DE)

[234] 24.03.06 @ Café Central, Weinheim (DE)
With: Some Girls (US), The Peacocks (CH)

[233] 23.03.06 @ Winston, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Some Girls (US), Aux Raus (NL), Hairy Pie (And The Dough) (NL)

[232] 19.03.06 @ Reflections Fest III/Bitterzoet, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Doomriders (US), Coliseum (US), Lords (US), Rise And Fall (BE), November Coming Fire (UK)

[231] 18.03.06 @ JH Tjok, Hove (BE)
With: Coliseum (US), Lords (US), Autumn Delay (BE)

[230] 26.02.06 @ 013, Tilburg (NL)
With: Burst (SE), Sengaia (NL)

[229] 25.02.06 @ Waterfront, Rotterdam (NL)
With: Burst (SE)

[228] 24.02.06 @ Het Patronaat, Haarlem (NL)
With: Burst (SE)

[227] 19.02.06 @ Flamesfest/De Zille, Ham (BE)
With: Coliseum (US), Lords (US), Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems (BE), Bronze (BE), Saturday Night Beavers (BE), Sedan Vault (BE), Hitch (BE), All Sense Aside (BE)

[226] 17.02.06 @ Bazart, Den Haag (NL)
With: Dominatör (NL), Aux Raus (NL)

[225] 10.02.06 @ Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Aiden (US), San Andreas (NL)

[224] 09.02.06 @ W2, Den Bosch (NL)
With: Aiden (US)

[223] 01.02.06 @ Winston, Amsterdam (NL)
With: An Albatross(US), The Expecorated Sequence (CA), Sweet Sweet (NL)
Special note: First show with Job on the bass guitar.

[222] 20.01.06 @ ACU, Utrecht (NL)
With: Seein Red (NL), Malle Pietje & De Bimbo's (NL), Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems (BE)
Special note: Miriam's last show with us.

[221] 14.01.06 @ City Club, Guildford (UK)
With: Chillerton (UK), You, Me And The Atom Bomb (UK), The Undisputed (UK)

[220] 13.01.06 @ Roundabout, High Wycombe (UK)
With: Pilger (UK), No Substance (UK), A New Days Enemy (UK), Tommy Comstock (UK)

[219] 12.01.06 @ The Glebe, Stoke On Trent (UK)
With: Architects (UK), Story Of Three (UK), Kzch (UK)

[218] 11.01.06 @ Yorkshire House, Lancaster (UK)
With: That Fucking Tank (UK), The Knives (UK), How's My Pop (UK)

[217] 10.01.06 @ The Matrix Club, Grimsby (UK)
With: Concentration Champ (UK), Whoresx3 (UK)

[216] 09.01.06 @ Satans Hollow, Manchester (UK)
With: I Admit Defeat (UK), Last Chance To Dance (UK)

[215] 08.01.06 @ The Jailhouse, Coventry (UK)
With: X The Break In X (UK), Raise The Dead (UK), Betray These Angels (UK), Shannon Tweed (UK), One Man And His Blunderbuss (UK), Castor Troy (UK), The Mirimar Disaster (UK), Beyond Our Means (UK), I Decay (UK)

[214] 07.01.06 @ Phoenix, Plymouth (UK)
With: Youth Gone Wrong (UK), Burning Coalition (UK), Evil Green (UK)

[213] 10.12.05 @ Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Van Katoen (NL), Judasville (NL), Beatbusters (NL), Piwo Jasne (NL), Punica (NL), Clayborn (NL), Sneakerfreak (NL)

[212] 09.12.05 @ Het Kasteel, Alphen aan den Rijn (NL)
With: The Hot Stewards (NL), The Owners Manual (NL)

[211] 02.12.05 @ scsiCELL, Den Haag (NL)
With: Fine China Superbone (NL), Malle Pietje & De Bimbo's (NL), Aux Raus (NL)
Special note: Presentation of our videoclip for "031".

[210] 13.11.05 @ DB's, Utrecht (NL)
With: Medications (US), The Maple Room (BE), High Treason (NL)

[209] 12.11.05 @ Dock-03, Hendrik Ido Ambacht (NL)
With: The Owners Manual (NL), As The Curtain Falls (NL)

[208] 29.10.05 @ Jugendzentrum, Ennigerloh (DE)
With: The Facts (DE), The Swords (DE), Cara a Cara (DE)

[207] 26.10.05 @ Club 3voor12/Desmet Studio's, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Handel (NL), Woodface (BE)

[206] 18.09.05 @ Basement, Hersey City, NJ (US)
With: Das Oath (NL/US)

[206] 17.09.05 @ ABC No Rio, New York, NY (US)
With: Das Oath (NL/US), Bones Brigade (US)

[205] 16.09.05 @ 242 Main, Burlington, VT (US)
With: Bones Brigade (US), My Revenge (US), Fuckbombs (US)

[204] 14.09.05 @ Lit Lounge, New York, NY (US)
With: The Chinese Stars (US), Foreign Islands (US), Judah Bauer & Stewart Lupton (US), Demander (US), Shellshag (US)

[203] 03.09.05 @ Gojufest/Loose End, Reeuwijk (NL)
With: As We Fight (DK), The Setup (BE), .Omission. (NL), San Andreas (NL), Balthazar (NL), Die Without A Struggle (NL), Age Of Panic (NL), Progress (NL)

[202] 13.08.05 @ Waterpop, Wateringen (NL)
With: Voicst (NL), Triggerfinger (BE), Relax (NL) and many more.

[201] 05.08.05 @ Sonic Bang Festival/Krukenburg, Bad Karlshafen (DE)
With: Linksabbieger (DE), Backstep (DE), Faint Stout (DE), 68 Flo:z (DE), Diatribe (DE), Fire in the Attic (DE), ZSK (DE)

[200] 26.07.05 @ Bar Academy, Birmingham (UK)
With: Beecher (UK), Mistress (UK)

[199] 25.07.05 @ TJ's, Newport (UK)
With: Beecher (UK), Mistress (UK) + 1

[198] 24.07.05 @ Jailhouse, Coventry (UK)
With: Beecher (UK), Mistress (UK), Sika Redem (UK), Secondsmile (UK), The Midas Girls (UK) + 3

[197] 23.07.05 @ Josephs Well, Leeds (UK)
With: Beecher (UK), Mistress (UK)

[196] 22.07.05 @ Concorde, Brighton (UK)
With: Beecher (UK), Mistress (UK), Emphyria (UK)

[195] 21.07.05 @ Garage, London (UK)
With: Beecher (UK), Mistress (UK), Raucous (UK)

[194] 20.07.05 @ Rock City, Nottingham (UK)
With: Beecher (UK), Mistress (UK), Raucous (UK)

[193] 19.07.05 @ Roadhouse, Manchester (UK)
With: Beecher (UK), Mistress (UK), Raucous (UK)

[192] 16.07.05 @ Fibbers, York (UK)
With: Beecher (UK), Mistress (UK)

[191] 02.07.05 @ The Cave, Amsterdam (UK)
With: Merauder (US)
Special Note: We performed as Moshkovich, no regular set.

[189 + 190] 25.06.05 @ Trashfest 9/Het Podium, Hoogeveen (NL)
With: Spacehorse,(US), Hellstrom (SE), Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems (BE), Makiladoras (NL), Zann (DE), The Shining (NL), Omission (NL), Justice (BE), Bones Brigade (US), Cameron (NL), Oi Polloi (UK), Army Of Flying Robots (UK), Eaves (DE), Restless Youth (NL)
Special Note: Malkovich played twice, first as Moshkovich and then with a regular set.

[188] 24.06.05 @ Furyfest, Le Mans (FR)
With: Jello Biafra and the Melvins (US), Anthrax (US), Millencolin (SE), Fantomas (US), Sick of it all (US), Arch Enemy (SE), Amen (US), Uncommonmenfrommars (FR), After Forever (NL), Backfire! (NL), My Dying Bride (UK), Lacuna Coil (IT), Eths (FR), Anorexia Nervosa (FR), Walls of Jericho (US), Arkangel (BE), Sikht (US), Zull fx (FR), Reveal (NL), Cataract (CH), Beecher (UK), Amon Amarth (SE), Last Resort (UK), Cult Of Luna (SE), 999 (UK), Jesu (UK), High on fire (US), Right 4 life (FR), X vision (FR), Hellmotel (FR), Ultra Vomit (FR)

[187] 19.06.05 @ 013 Bat Cave, Tilburg (NL)
With: Callisto (FI), Beecher (UK)

[186] 18.06.05 @ Peacedog Fest, Ede (NL)
With: Oceansize (UK), Drive Like You Stole It (UK), Solo (NL), Coparck (NL), Lampshade (DK), Opposition Of One (DE), Zundapp (NL), LPG (NL), Vladimir (NL), Go! Revolution Go! (NL), Silence The Foe (NO)

[185] 17.06.05 @ Willemeen, Arnhem (NL)
With: The Dillinger Escape Plan (US), King Locust (NL)

[184] 09.06.05 @ Mezz, Breda (NL)
With Human Alert (NL)

[183] 07.05.05 @ De Zon, Bodegraven (NL)
With: San Andreas (NL), Out Of Reach (NL), Die Without A Struggle (NL)

[182] 05.05.05 @ Manifest/Zaal De Prins, Elewijt (BE)
With: Since By Man (US), Hand To Hand (US), The Setup (BE), Severance (BE), Double Check (BE), Bruised Not Broken (BE), The Struggle (BE), O.R.C.U.S. (BE)

[181] 01.05.05 @ Bitterzoet, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Razor Crusade (NL), .Omission.(NL)

[180] 30.04.05 @ Groezrock #14, Meerhout (BE)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Hatebreed (US), Lagwagon (US), No Use For A Name (US), Flogging Molly (US), Alexisonfire (US), 7 Seconds (US), Boy Sets Fire (US), From Autumn To Ashes (US), Rise Against (US), Tsunami Bomb (US), Strike Anywhere (US), Maroon (DE), Hopesfall (US), Smoke On Fire (US), Only Crime (US), Ringworm (US), The Setup (BE)

[179] 29.04.05 @ Sound And Culture, Eisenach (DE)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), This Is Hell (US), Black Friday 29 (DE), Teamkiller (DE), Homerun (DE)

[178] 28.04.05 @ Arena, Wien (AT)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Totalt Jävla Mörker (SE)

[177] 27.04.05 @ @ Schlachthaus, Dornbirn (AT)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Outbreak (US), On Thin Ice (UK)

[176] 25.04.05 @ Ferry Boat, Norwich (UK)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), November Coming Fire (UK), The Legacy (UK)

[175] 24.04.05 @ Josephs Well, Leeds (UK)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), The Versus Project (UK), The Legacy (UK)

[174] 23.04.05 @ Borderline, London (UK)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Broken Promise (UK), The Legacy (UK)

[173] 22.04.05 @ Krakfest/Exhaus, Trier (DE)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), The Great Deceiver (SE), Hatesphere (DK), Aborted (BE), Cataract (CH), Black Friday '29 (DE), Leng Tche (BE), Japanische Kampfhörspiele (DE), Totalt Jävla Mörker (SE)

[172] 21.04.05 @ Baracke, Münster (DE)
With: Modern Life Is War (US)

[171] 11.04.05 @ Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht (NL)
With: GWAR (US)

[170] 09.04.05 @ JH De Wringer, Betekom (BE)
With: Rise And Fall(BE), Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems (BE), Autumn Delay (BE), Low Density (BE), Voice Of Reason (BE)

[169] 08.04.05 @ So What, Gouda (NL)
With: Dead Stop (BE), Eye Of Judgement (NL)

[168] 02.04.05 @ Interval, Papendrecht (NL)
With: All For Nothing (NL), Next Eleven (NL)

[167] 01.04.05 @ Oude Portiershuis, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Dominatör (NL), Malle Pietje & De Bimbo's (NL), The Rocco's (NL)
Special Note: hardste kankerfeest ooit.

[166] 31.03.05 @ Gaslab TUE, Eindhoven (NL)
With: Stockholm Syndrome (NL), Gem (NL)

[165] 26.03.05 @ Arnhem Hardcore Meeting / Musis Sacrum, Arnhem (NL)
With: The Dillinger Escape Plan (US), Converge (US) Panic (US), Good Clean Fun (US), Eighteen Visions (US), Modern Life Is War (US), Misery Signals (US), Razor Crusade (NL), No Turning Back (NL), Knuckledust (UK), Sex Positions (US), Strike First (NL), Justice (BE), November Coming Fire (UK), Omission (NL)

[164] 19.03.05 @ Zaal Floreaal, Tessenderloo (BE)
With: Million Dead (UK), Cast Down (BE), The Setup (BE), Homer (BE), Sparkle Of Hope (BE), Revuelta (BE), From My Hands (BE)

[163] 08.03.05 @ Bitterzoet, Amsterdam (NL)
With: About Paris (NL)

[162] 05.03.05 @ Xinix, Nieuwendijk (NL)
With: San Andreas (NL)

[161] 04.03.05 @ Magnifiosi, Lisse (NL)
With: Face Tomorrow (NL), San Andreas (NL)

[160] 19.02.05 @ Gonz, Gouda (NL)
With: Broken Circle (NL), I-Reject (NL), Malle Pietje & De Bimbo's (NL)

[159] 12.02.05 @ Funtime Winterfest/Sojo, Leuven (BE)
With: Eden Maine (UK), PN (BE), Razor Crusade (NL), Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems (BE), Addactionlistener(this) (BE), Low Density (BE)

[158] 06.02.05 @ OJC Jonosh, Asten-Heusden (NL)
With: Dead Stop (BE), Razor Crusade (NL), The Ex-Presidents (NL), Strike In Time (NL)

[157] 04.02.05 @ Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)
With: Dead Stop (BE), Seein Red (NL), Mihoen! (NL), My Reply (NL)

[156] 22.01.05 @ Unity Rally Winterfest / Ojeesee, Hardenberg (NL)
With: About Paris (NL), Justice (BE/NL), Restless Youth (NL), Every Snake Is Sleeping (NL)

[155] 21.01.05 @ Dystopia, Den Haag (NL)
With: The Rocco's (NL), Por Huevos (NL)
Special Note: benefit for South Asia.

[154] 15.01.05 @ Noorderslag / Oosterpoort, Groningen (NL)
With: Textures (NL), Gem (NL), Face Tomorrow (NL) + many many more

[153] 14.01.05 @ De Buze, Steenwijk (NL)
With: War To End Hate (NL) + Dominatör (NL)

[152] 30.12.04 @ Goudvishal, Arnhem (NL)
With: Turmoil (US), The Wage Of Sin (US), The Setup (BE), Rise And Fall (BE)

[151] 23.12.04 @ The Temptation, Veenendaal (NL)
With: The Shaggable Sluts (NL), The Fart Farmers (NL)

[150] 19.12.04 @ Factory, Wassenaar (NL)
With: Uppercut (NL), Omission (NL), Dominatör (NL), Restless Youth (NL), Strike First (NL), Every Snake Is Sleeping (NL)
Special Note: KWF benefit show.

[149] 05.12.04 @ The Swan, London (UK)
With: Collapse (UK), Silent Front (UK)

[148] 04.12.04 @ The Matrix Club, Grimsby (UK)
With: Andy Glenn And Ritch (UK), Stabbed In Autumn (UK), Here Is The List Of Your Dead Friends (UK)

[147] 03.12.04 @ The Yorkshire House, Lancaster (UK)
With: Everett (UK), Defect (UK)

[146] 24.11.04 @ AB, Brussels (BE)
With: The Dillinger Escape Plan (US), Poison The Well (US)

[145] 20.11.04 @ JH OHK, Oostende (BE)
With: Vuur (BE), Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems (BE)

[144] 14.11.04 @ GHG Fest 6 / Take One, Gennep (NL)
With: Face Tomorrow (NL), Enemy Ground (NL), One PS (NL), InNoSence (NL)

[143] 07.11.04 @ P60, Amstelveen (NL)
With: Stretch Armstrong (US), Razor Crusade (NL)

[142] 05.11.04 @ ACU, Utrecht (NL)
With: Cameron (NL), Every Snake Is Sleeping (NL)

[141] 04.11.04 @ Villa Skwatus Dei, Leuven (BE)
With: The Maple Room (BE), Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems (BE)

[140] 23.10.04 @ Zomaarpop/OJC Watjang, Oirlo (NL)
With: Silverene (NL), A Common Ground (DE), Collision (NL)

[139] 22.10.04 @ Scheune, Ibbenbüren (DE)
With: The Brats (DE), Drawn (DE), Annonation (DE)

[138] 21.10.04 @ 013/Bat Cave, Tilburg (NL)
With: Avoid One Thing (US)

[137] 17.10.04 @ Wageni, Bochum (DE)
With: Endstand (FI), Under Siege (DE)

[136] 09.10.04 @ Het Podium, Hoogeveen (NL)
With: Broken Circle (NL) .Omission. (NL)

[135] 08.10.04 @ Mevr. Latenstaan, Zoetermeer (NL)
With: Deadweight (NL), Omission (NL)

[134] 07.10.04 @ Schlachthof, Bremen (DE)
With: Daughters (US), Tephra (DE)

[133] 03.10.04 @ Popkomm | Magnet, Berlin (DE)
With: JR Ewing (NO), Burst (SE), Delorian (ES)

[132] 19.09.04 @ Lintfabriek, Kontich (BE)
With: Most Precious Blood (US), Destiny (DE), The Setup (BE)

[131] 17.09.04 @ Mukkes, Leeuwarden (NL)
With: The Murder Of Rosa Luxembourg (GB), Razor Crusade (NL)

[130] 11.09.04 @ Im-Pakt Festival / Q-Bus, Leiden (NL)
With: Gadget (SE), Stockholm Syndrome (NL), Relevant Few (SE), Belch (NL), Isle Of Man (NL), Fucking Bastards (NL), Dstruct/M.Raven (NL), Droon (BE), DJ Malus (NL)

[129] 10.09.04 @ Soos Plock, Volkel (NL)
With: Razor Crusade (NL), Stockholm Syndrome (NL), Greyline (NL)

[128] 01.09.04 @ t Paard, Den Haag (NL)
With: Some Girls (US), Das Oath (US/NL)
Special Note: "A Criminal Record" release show.

[127] 01.08.04 @ JK2470, Retie (BE)
With: SL 27 (BE), -45° (BE), Sunpower!(BE), Permanent Death (BE), Lost In Rhone (BE), Oceans Of Sadness (BE)

[126] 30.07.04 @ Texelfest/J'Elleboog, Den Burg-Texel (NL)
With: Omission (NL), Death Pact (NL), Higherside (NL)

[125] 11.07.04 @ JC Demo, Oisterwijk (NL)
With: Stockholm Syndrome (NL), The Inaxy (NL), Dead Rivers (NL), Heartfelt (NL), Phantom Engineer (NL)

[124] 10.07.04 @ Goudvishal, Arnhem (NL)
With: Face Tomorrow (NL), Modern Life Is War (US), Paint The Town Red (DE), Omission (NL)

[123] 07.07.04 @ Gotec, Karlsruhe (DE)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Drowned In Frustration (DE)

[122] 06.07.04 @ Schlachthaus, Dornbirn (AT)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Drowned In Sorrows (CH)

[121] 05.07.04 @ Rock Planet, Pinarella Di Cervia (IT)
With: Shai Hulud (US), Modern Life Is War (US), Memories Of Apocalypse (IT), For God They Die (IT)

[120] 04.07.04 @ Boa, Luzern (CH)
With: The Hope Conspiracy (US), Modern Life Is War (US), Solid Ground (CH)

[119] 03.07.04 @ City Of... Fest 4/Mostovna, Nova Gorica (SI)
With: Shai Hulud (US), Face The Fact (IT), Eyeless View (DE), Summer League (IT), Fuego (CH), Murder Disco X (DE), Igut (CR), Golliwog (SI), Elodea (SI)

[118] 30.06.04 @ Exhaus, Trier (DE)
With: The Hope Conspiracy (US), Walls Of Jericho (US), Deadsoil (DE), Carahter (BR)

[117] 27.06.04 @ Talschock, Chemnitz (DE)
With: The Hope Conspiracy (US), Rifu (NO), Protestera (SE), Summer League (IT)

[116] 26.06.04 @ De Klos, Emmeloord (NL)
With: Razor Crusade (NL)

[115] 23.06.04 @ Winston, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Killtraitors (NL)

[114] 20.06.04 @ Nighttown Theater, Rotterdam (NL)
With: JR Ewing (NO), Oil (NL)

[113] 19.06.04 @ Crocodile, Wutha-Farnroda (DE)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Today Forever (DE)

[112] 18.06.04 @ Pegasus, Senftenberg (DE)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Something Inside (DE), Nothing Ever Dies (DE)

[111] 17.06.04 @ Wagon Club, Wraclow (PL)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Face Of Reality (PL)

[110] 16.06.04 @ Wild At Heart, Berlin (DE)
With: Modern Life Is War (US)

[109] 15.06.04 @ Elvaerket, Helsingor (DK)
With: Modern Life Is War (US)

[108] 14.06.04 @ Meeths Salonger, Gothenburg (SE)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Between Us (SE)

[107] 13.06.04 @ Skylten, Linkoping (SE)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Between Us (SE)

[106] 12.06.04 @ Mosh Camp 04 / Kafé 44, Stockholm (SE)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), The Kind That Kills (SE)

[105] 11.06.04 @ Tilflykt, Kongsberg (NO)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), Turn Cold (NO), Die Die Die (NO)

[104] 10.06.04 @ Ungommenshus, Fredericia (DK)
With: Modern Life Is War (US), When Midnight Kills (DK)

[103] 22.05.04 @ Area 51, Eindhoven (NL)
With: Transmission0 (NL), Dead Rivers (NL), Isle Of Man (NL)

[102] 13.05.04 @ Simplon, Groningen (NL)
With: The Helsinki Suicide (NL), Greyline (NL)

[101] 12.05.04 @ OCCII, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Phoenix Bodies (US), Omission (NL)

[100] 09.05.04 @ Corefest 6 / Koornbeurs, Delft (NL)
With: Hatesphere (DK), Do Or Die (BE), Among The Living (NL), Greyline (NL), As We Fight (DK), NAOP (NL), MM (NL), Final Solution (NL)

[99] 25.04.04 @ Goudvishal 20th anniversary/Musis Sacrem, Arnhem (NL)
With: Madball (US), Stretch Armstrong (US), E-Town Concrete (US), Burst (SE), The Promise (US), Champion (US), JR Ewing (NO), Face Tomorrow (NL), Razor Crusade (NL), Heaven Shall Burn (DE), Downslide (NL), 37 Stabwoundz (NL) , On The Might Of Princes (US), Destiny (DE), Deadstop (BE)

[098] 11.04.04 @ Extase, Tilburg (NL)
With: Oil (NL), Stockholm Syndrome (NL)

[097] 10.04.04 @ De Grote Weiver, Krommenie (NL)
With: Omited Gr (PT), Craven (NL)

[096] 08.04.04 @ Waterfront, Rotterdam (NL)
With: Craven (NL), Muego (NL)

[095] 06.04.04 @ 't Paard, Den Haag (NL)
With: The Locust (US), Fine China Superbone (NL)

[094] 03.04.04 @ The Old Angel, Notthingham (UK)
With: Shooting Victor Francis (UK), Open Letters (UK), The December Fall (UK), Known Joke (UK)

[093] 02.04.04 @ The White Room, Hull (UK)
With: A Girl Named Disease (UK), Die-For (UK), Twice A Riot (UK), The Dagger (UK)

[092] 01.04.04 @ The Stout Fiddler, Newcastle (UK)
With: Spitfire Down (UK), Goddamn Minivan (UK)

[091] 31.03.04 @ The Fenton, Leeds (UK)
With: The Dauntless Elite (UK), Killing Edge (UK) + 1

[090] 30.03.04 @ The Needles, London (UK)
With: This Time Around (UK), Twofold (UK)

[089] 29.03.04 @ Hobgoblin, Brighton(UK)
With: Abandon Ship (UK), The Permenant (UK) , Creeper & Fright (UK)

[088] 28.03.04 @ The Horseshoe, Portsmouth (UK)
With: Pilger (UK), Dead After School (UK), Dog Years (UK)

[087] 27.03.04 @ Trashfest 6 / Het Podium, Hoogeveen (NL)
With: Anodyne (US), Zann (DE), Chainsaw (JP), The 244 GL (DE), Humus (NL), Highscore (DE), Gilgamesh (NL), The Shining (NL)

[086] 12.03.04 @ JC De Bakkerij, Castricum (NL)
With: De Sambora's (NL), Boventoon (NL)

[085] 14.02.04 @ Zaal 100, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Henceforth (NL), The Shining (NL)

[084] 07.02.04 @ Wally's Place, Roosendaal (NL)
With: NRA (NL)

[083] 01.02.04 @ Innocent, Hengelo (NL)
With: Zero Mentality (DE), Icepick (NL), Shattered (NL), Hold My Own (BE)

[082] 25.01.04 @ Factory, Wassenaar (NL)
With: Gilgamesh (NL), One PS (NL), Soporific (NL

[081] 17.01.04 @ Ojeesee, Hardenberg (NL)
With: War To End Hate (NL), Dominatör (NL), Among The Living (NL)

[080] 02.01.04 @ Winston, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Mono (NL), Stellenbosch (NL)

[079] 17.12.03 @ Oettinger Villa, Darmstadt (DE)
With: Give Up The Ghost (US), Last Chance (UK), Bleed Into One (DE)

[078] 02.12.03 @ Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Give Up The Ghost (US), Dead Stop (BE), Killtraitors (NL)

[077] 29.11.03 @ Q-Bus, Leiden (NL)
With: Louis Cyphre (DE), Sparkle Of Hope (BE), Forever Blue (NL), Gilgamesh (NL)

[076] 28.11.03 @ Bazart, Den Haag (NL)
With: Das Oath (US/NL), Killtraitors (NL), Downslide (NL)

[075] 27.11.03 @ Waterfront, Rotterdam (NL)
With: The Oath (US/NL)

[074] 15.11.03 @ Pitstop, Bereldange (LU)
With: Gone Bald (NL)

[073] 14.11.03 @ Molodoï, Strasbourg (FR)
With: Iblylom (FR), Kaiser Sauzee (FR)

[072] 13.11.03 @ Babylone, Amiens (FR)
With: 86 IT (FR)

[071] 08.11.03 @ Velokot, Oostende (BE)
With: Degradation (DE), Dead Stop (BE), Reproach (BE), The Shards (BE)

[070] 06.11.03 @ Frontline, Gent (BE)
With: Das Oath (NL/US), Contrasto (IT), Dead Stop (BE)

[069] 04.11.03 @ Ex-Haus, Trier (DE)
With: The Hope Conspiracy (US), Nine (SE)

[068] 03.11.03 @ Wageni, Bochum (DE)
With: Song And Dance (DE)

[067] 02.11.03 @ 1000FRYD, Aalborg (DK)
With: Endstand (FI), Manifesto Jukebox (FI), Kaospilot (NO), The Spectacle (NO), Angora Static (NO)

[066] 01.11.03 @ Ungomshuset, Kobenhavn (DK)
With: Kaospilot (NO) Geischa (DK), The Spectacle (NO), Music Mafia (DK), The Sliptsch (DK), Soreazis (DK)

[065] 31.10.03 @ So What, Gouda (NL)
With: Circle (BE), Killtraitors (NL)

[064] 30.10.2003 @ Les Brasseurs, Nancy (FR)
With: Tokyo Sex Destruction (ES)

[063] 29.10.2003 @ 013 Batcave, Tilburg (NL)
With: The Oath (US/NL), Damage Control (NO)

[062] 10.10.2003 @ Q-Bus, Leiden (NL)
With: Submerge (FR), Asschapel (US)

[061] 18.09.03 @ De Popcentrale, Dordrecht (NL)
With: Let It Burn (US), The Setup (BE)

[060] 14.09.03 @ Volta, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Himsa (US), Purification (IT), Deluge (NL), The People Listening, Wonder (NL), Los Assessinos De La Superficialidad (NL), 5 Year Plan (NL)

[059] 07.09.03 @ Uitfestival/'t Paard, Den Haag (NL)

[058] 05.09.03 @ ACU, Utrecht (NL)
With: Let It Burn (US), Killtraitors (NL)
Special Note: "The Foundation Rocks" release show.

[057] 14.06.03 @ Trashfest 3/Het Podium, Hoogeveen (NL)
With: Tear It Up (US), What Happens Next (US), The National Blue (US), Surf-Nazi's Must Die (DE), Destroyer (DE), Shikari (NL), Kriegstanz (NL), Lomb (NL)

[056] 07.06.03 @ State-X festival/Korzotheater, Den Haag (NL)

[055] 06.06.03 @ Winston, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Deadweight (NL), Instil (NL), DarkDayRising (NL)

[054] 24.05.03 @ Old Slaughterhouse, Eupen (BE)
With: Fetch (NL), VanDamme (BE), Nago (BE), Mindtrap (BE)

[053] 08.05.03 @ Waterfront, Rotterdam (NL)
With: Deadweight (NL)

[052] 04.05.03 @ The Talbot, Stoke On Trent (UK)
with: Deadweight (NL), Bastards Trained By Bastards (UK), Fuck Hate Propaganda (UK), Intention (UK), H8-Target (UK)

[051] 02.05.03 @ The Packhorse, Leeds (UK)
with: Deadweight (NL), The Freaks Union (UK), The Dregs (UK)

[050] 30.04.03 @ The Swan, London (UK)
With: Deadweight (NL), Trencher (UK), The Birds Of Paradise (UK), Plague Of Zoltan (UK)

[049] 25.04.03 @ The Cave, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Gameface (US), MeWithoutYou (US) The Ghost (US)

[048] 19.04.03 @ Poortgebouw, Rotterdam (NL)
With: The People Listening, Wonder (NL), Shikari (NL)

[047] 13.04.03 @ Kupernikus, Hannover (DE)
With: Deadweight (NL)

[046] 12.04.03 @ Heizhaus, Magdeburg (DE)
with: Deadweight (NL), Fall Of A Season (DE)

[045] 11.04.03 @ Autonomes Kulturzentrum, Hanau (DE)
With: Deadweight (NL)

[044] 10.04.03 @ Le Marignan, Athus (BE)
With: Deadweight (NL), Eternal Tango(LU)

[043] 30.03.03 @ Alhambra, Oldenburg (DE)
With: Deadweight (NL), Jetblack (DE)

[042] 29.03.03 @ Vera kelderbar, Groningen (NL)
With: Deadweight (NL)

[041] 14.03.03 @ N201, Aalsmeer (NL)
With: Cameron (NL), Ffarr (NL)

[040] 08.03.03 @ scsiCELL, Den Haag (NL)
With: Dawn Of Awakening (NL). A Traitor Like Judas (DE), Deadweight (NL)

[039] 22.02.03 @ OCCII, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Rambo (US), Seein Red (NL)

[038] 26.01.03 @ Bunker, Brussel (BE)
With: Headless Horsemen (AU), The Essentials (BE), Reproach (BE)

[037] 25.01.03 @ Kunstverein, Nürnberg (DE)
With: Headless Horsemen (AU), Kovalsky (DE)

[036] 24.01.03 @ Unity Rally Fest | Ojeesee, Hardenberg (NL)
With: Among The Living (NL)

[035] 12.01.03 @ Frontline, Gent (BE)
With: Coming Down (DE), Angry Minded (NL), The Poshblokes (LU), Actions Fall Short (FR), IT-86 (BE)

[034] 11.01.03 @ Squat, Erfurt (DE)
With:Bad Neutrino Girls (DE)

[033] 10.01.03 @ Reilstrasse 78, Halle (DE)
With: Cyness (DE), Y (DE)

[032] 09.01.03 @ The Alternative, Lübeck (DE)

[031] 08.01.03 @ Emo-Keller, Essen (DE)
With: Fetch (NL), Surf Nazis Must Die (DE)

[030] 29.12.02 @ Goudvishal, Arnhem (NL)
With: Count Me Out (US), Destiny (DE), Uppercut (NL), Soul Emigre (NL), One Truth (IT)

[029] 21.12.02 @ Het Podium, Hoogeveen (NL)
With: The Now Denial (DE), Not One Word (IT), The People Listening, Wonder (NL)
Special Note: Last show with Aart!

[028] 15.12.02 @ Parkhof, Alkmaar (NL)
With: Nooduitgang (NL), Aversion (NL)

[027] 06.12.02 @ Babylon, Woerden (NL)
With: Döminatör (NL)

[026] 22.11.02 @ ACU, Utrecht (NL)
With: Yage (DE), Soul Emigre (NL/USA)

[025] 15.11.02 @ Café Asgard, Beverwijk (NL)
With: Among The Living (NL), Döminatör (NL)
Special Note: First show with Hugo on vocals and with Mark as a guitarplayer.

[024] 30.06.02 @ Trammelant, Eindhoven (NL)
With: Verona Beach (NL), Instil (NL), Hold Regained (DE) & Fetch (NL)

[023] 29.06.02 @ scsiCELL, DenHaag (NL)
With: Face Tomorrow (NL) Deadweight (NL) Carceri (NL) & Fetch (NL)
Special note: release show of the debut 12".

[022] 15.06.02 @ Bar en Boos, Leiden (NL)
With: Daily Fire (NL) & The Dagda (IE)
Special note: missing Miriam due to an injury.

[021] 08.06.02 @ De Bastille, Schoonhoven (NL)
With: Soon (BE) Oil (NL) Face Tomorrow (NL) & Deadweight (NL)
Special note: missing Miriam due to an injury.

[020] 20.05.02 @ Lustpop, Leiden (NL)
With: Beyond 93 (NL) Smogus (NL) Of No Avail (NL) + more

[019] 06.04.02 @ Goudvishal, Arnhem (NL)
With: JR Ewing (NO) Subject To Change (SE) Sworn In (UK) Circle (BE) Deadbolt (NL) Spirit 84 (NL)

[018] 04.04.02 @ Poortgebouw, Rotterdam (NL)
With: Amanda Woodward (FR) Quatro Staggioni (DE) Foreclosure (NL)

[017] 17.02.02 @ ACU, Utrecht (NL)
With: Realign(DE) Engrave(DE) Instil(NL)

[016] 23.01.02 @ Nighttown Theater, Rotterdam (NL)
With: The Icarus Line (US)

[015] 28.12.2001 @ De Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)
With: Dead By Dawn (NL) Craven (NL)

[014] 15.12.2001 @ De Kei, Ede (NL)
With: NormaJean (US) The Blamed (US) The Spirit That Guides Us (NL/DK/US) Darwin (NL) Fetch (NL)

[013] 19.11.2001 @ OCCII, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Bodybag (CH) Prejudice (CH)

[012] 15.9.2001 @ Corefest/Koornbeurs, Delft (NL)
With: The Apers (NL) Instil (NL) Darwin (NL) I-Reject (NL) Beyond 93 (NL) Face Tomorrow (NL) Complete (DK) Yage (DE)

[011] 24.6.2001 @ ACU, Utrecht (NL)
With: Indicate (NL) Deadbolt (NL) Liar (BE)

[010] 23.6.2001 @ De Kelder, Amersfoort (NL)
With: The Barnhouse Effect (NL) Point Of Few (NL) Vuur (BE)

[009] 10.6.2001 @ Trammeland, Eindhoven (NL)
With: Down To Fight (NL) Shortfused (NL) Fetch (NL) Disdain (NL) True Blue (DE)

[008] 9.6.2001 @ Q-bus, Leiden (NL)
With: Ohlo Di Gato (NL) Vitamin X (NL) Mihoen! (NL) Betercore (NL)

[007] 12.5.2001 @ Witte Theater, Ijmuiden (NL)
With: Deluge (NL) Destiny (DE) Spirit 84 (NL)

[006] 25.4.2001 @ OCCII, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Keizer Zulu (NL) Waawe (CZ)

[005] 13.4.2001 @ Musicon, Den Haag (NL)
With: Bloodlust (NL) Dead By Dawn (NL) Downshot (NL) Kickback (FR)

[004] 7.4.2001 @ Het Podium, Hoogeveen (NL)
With: Anti-Soma (NL) Los Asesinos De La Superficialidad (NL) Darwin (NL) Instil (NL)

[003] 1.4.2001 @ Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)
With: Declined (NL) Cockroach (NL) Insult (NL) Morser (DE)

[002] 4.3.2001 @ Villa Musica, Vlaardingen (NL)
With: Craven (NL) Raise Kain (NL) Crivits (NL) Face Tomorrow (NL)

[001] 13.1.2001 @ Vrankrijk, Amsterdam (NL)
With: Betercore (NL) Katastrophobia (BE)